Top 50 Genuine Part time Jobs in India

Dear folks,  I’m Sridhar Mani, a professional in Market Research Services – including Online Surveys, Polls, Focus Group Discussions, Depth Interviews, Telephonic Interviews, Genuine Part time Jobs in India and high paying survey sites free and lot more.

I have over a decade experience in Programming Surveys, Collecting data and processing them. I know which companies in India offer Paid Online Surveys and which ones are genuine. As a Market Research Industry professional, my daily task is to keep an eye on the new genuine survey companies that sprout in India and elsewhere as Survey Jobs are considered to be genuine part time job for those looking for earning money online. I keep assessing all those survey sites based on a lot of parameters and find if they are true, legal, genuine and beneficial to the industry and to the people who join these companies to take surveys for money.

So, How do i do that? What are the parameters?

There is absolutely no magic here. Everything is on the internet. You can analyze yourself but all you need is a bit of education. So, I am taking my time to tell you how to find if the Paid Online Survey websites are genuine and useful. I will try to analyze the companies based on the following parameters. If you come across any new companies, Do let me know through the contact form and I shall do an assessment on the same for you and for the benefit of all those who are willing to make money through Paid Online Survey companies.

What parameters do we use to check if a Paid Survey Company/Website is genuine or scam?

  • Website domain Public info
  • Website admin/Support Reach-ability
  • Location of office
  • Registration Fee
  • Association with Research Societies
  • Privacy Policy and Terms
  • Profilers
  • Survey types
  • Incentive types
  • Testimonials and Payment Proofs
  • Reviews on other sites
  • Other Marketing activities

So, let us get started. I shall do a write-up weekly one new Paid Survey companies. Keep watching this space!

Happy Earning!!

Genuine Part Time Jobs – high paying Survey Sites Free registration

Online Survey job is one of the best options for making money online. I am listing here some best paying survey sites in India as well as in global.

The list includes,

Worthy Shout India Market Research Services (Site:

Opinion World Surveys (Site:

Triaba India (Site:

Banking Consumer Surveys (

My Survey (Site:

A1Panel (Site:

COI Surveys (Site:

Valued Opinions (Site:

iPanel Online Market Research (Site:

MOBROG Online Surveys (Site:

Toluna (Site:

Swagbucks (Site:


SaySo (Site:

IndiaSpeaks (Site:

SurveySavvy (Site:

SpiderMetrix (Site:

The Panle Station (Site:

and even more..


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